Alan Bates is new Head Chef at STUDIO

We are both happy and proud to welcome Alan Bates as the new Head Chef STUDIO.

The talent of Alan Bates has brought him to several of the world’s best restaurants. After a couple of years as Sous Chef at Henne Kirkeby Kro, we are very happy, that Alan will now continue his journey as the Head Chef for STUDIO at The Standard.

Alan comes with the warmest recommendations from all the places he has been, most recently from Henne Kirkeby kro, where Paul Cunningham says of him:

"This kind of culinary Jedi comes along most rarely, Henne Kirkeby Kro is a richer place now because of Mr.Bates.

Outspoken yes, opinionated very, loyal and trustworthy to his core. Dangerously talented and genuinely gifted, with both feet planted firmly upon God’s green earth. Together with Alan George Bates at STUDIO, Copenhagen continues to raise the bar, expect great things from his hand."

However, it was far from planned, that Alan one day would be in front of his own Michelin restaurant. But the studies in economics eventually had to give way to the passion, and his cooking dreams soon took him to places like El Cellar de Can Roca in Girona, Hands & Flowers and The Fat Duck.

Alan will bring his many experiences to the STUDIO he now takes over. And that will leave a mark not only on the food but as well on the environment in the kitchen, the approach to the produce and sustainability in general, Alan promises.

Alan is trained in the French cuisine, but his own preferences and curiousity points to places like Asia as well. Especially the Japanese cuisine, where the food is typically lighter but with an intense flavouring. “It is not a heavy kitchen and it really speaks to me. I like it when you’re not uncomfortably full and tired after a meal, but instead leaves the table with a feeling of having a spring in your step” Alan says.

In a kitchen that until now has been driven by the New Nordic and in a city that has become world famous for its Nordic cuisine, it is truly new and exciting times for both STUDIO and its guests.

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