We are reopening STUD!O in Carlsberg Byen

We can finally reveal that STUD!O will reopen this autumn in a new setting at Ottilia Jacobsens Plads in Carlsberg Byen. We can't wait!

Since the beginning of the year, we have been on pursuit of new surroundings, which could match our old iconic customs building at the waterfront. The pursuit has finally come to an end, which has turned out to succeed greater than we’d hoped for. Ottilia Jacobsen Plads, which is the origin of the spring that provided Carlsbergs pure water, will accommodate STUD!O. We are truly looking forward see you all again, in a new setting.

The Michelin guide’s young favorite will be head chef and co-owner

STUD!O acquires a dream location, while Carlsberg Byen receives a highly gastronomic addition to the prominent gastronomic profile, which already characterizes the new district.

They also look forward to welcome us in Carlsberg Byen, “STUDIO is exactly the type of restaurant we dream of having in Carlsberg Byen. The concept fits in incredibly well with the history that can still be felt on the old brewery grounds to this day. At the same time, STUD!O is an incredibly nice addition to the gastronomic scene that is already in the new city quarter. Therefore, we are of course extremely excited that the choice has fallen on Carlsberg Byen, and we look forward to welcoming both STUDIO and their many guests” says the CEO of the Development Company Carlsberg Byen P/S.

31-year-old Christoffer Sørensen, who has designed STUD!O’s gastronomic line since May 2021, will be the man who will turn STUD!O 2.0 into Carlsberg Byen’s culinary lighthouse. The expectations for Christoffer Sørensen are high – and rightly so: After taking up the position of head chef at STUD!O with enthusiastic reviews as a result, last year he received both the Michelin guide's 'Young Chef Award' and the White Guide's award as 'Young Chef of the Year'. In addition, the Association of Danish Food Critics has nominated two of Christoffer Sørensen's dishes for the 'Dish of the Year' competition, which will take place at the end of this month, where they will compete against restaurants like Noma and Geranium.

The floor is still managed by the experienced restaurant manager Jesper Nielsen (formerly The Paul og Henne Kirkeby Kro), who is accompanied by Jacob Lyngse.

STUDIO reopens in Carlsberg Byen on Wednesday 23 November and you can secure a table below.

360 degrees of sustainability as a vision

Christoffer Sørensen co-owner of STUDIO in partnership with Merete Holst and Dorte Østergaard, who together owns the LOCA Group. LOCA also operates the restaurants Almanak in the Operahouse, RADIO at Frederiksberg and Mission Green, and is planning several new restaurant openings in 2023. We will keep you updated.

The LOCA Group's vision is to set new standards for sustainable gastronomy, and the foundation for STUDIO and the group's other restaurants is a 360-degree approach to sustainability. Sustainability does not only apply to the ingredients on the plate, but in particular also to the people who ensure memorable experiences for the guests night after night. To ensure this, we in the LOCA Group have prepared an adequate sustainability report. We believe that proper working conditions, equality and education must also be a matter of course in the restaurant industry.

We are really looking forward to showing you the new STUDIO in Carlsberg Byen on 23 November, and wish you all the best until then.

// Best regards from Christoffer, Merete, Dorte & the rest of Team Studio

STUDIO is reopening in Carlsberg Byen

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