Meet the Team

Here you can read a little more about the small, permanent team, who with a wholehearted effort in the kitchen and restaurant ensure that STUDIO's high gastronomic level is constantly developing.

Christoffer Sørensen, headchef and co-owner of STUDIO

"I pay a tribute to the principles of using everything close and local. It makes a lot of sense to me that the ingredients that can be picked, harvested, or caught right outside the kitchen door also set the tone on the menu".

This is how Christoffer Sørensen formulates his food philosophy.

It is not surprising that Christoffer's kitchen orients itself towards everything that is right outside the door. Before he joined STUDIO in 2021, for nine years he was a loyal sous chef under head chef Claus Henriksen at Dragsholm Castle.

In the Studio's kitchen, Christoffer draws on his years of experience with wild herbs, fermentations, and playful gastronomy, which always has excellent and precise taste as a benchmark.

The head chef role at STUDIO is Christoffer's first, but his efforts have already left their mark in the gastronomic world. Four months after his first day of work, Christoffer was honored by the Michelin guide with the guide's 'Young Chef Award 2021'.

Shortly afterward, White Guide Denmark followed suit with the award as 'Young Chef of the Year' and placement of Studio in the Global Master Class - the guide's highest classification.

In 2021, Studio also climbed to 53rd on Opinionated About Dining's ranking of Europe's 150 best restaurants.

In 2022, the Association of Danish Food Critics collectively nominated two of Christoffer's dishes for the award for 'Dish of the Year' and also won the newest chef competition in Denmark BMW Masters 2022.

Steven Ackermann, Sous Chef at STUDIO

Steven Ackermann is Christoffer's sous chef and right-hand man in STUDIO's kitchen. Steven and Christoffer met in the kitchen at Dragsholm Castle, and since then they have shared a common passion for craftsmanship and an eternal curiosity to find new ways to taste seasonal wild and cultivated ingredients.

In addition to the years in the kitchen at Dragsholm Castle, Steven also brings experience from other top kitchens, including Mielcke & Hurtigkarl and the three-star Spanish Michelin restaurant Aponiente in Càdiz.

In 2022, Steven is nominated as Sous Chef of the Year in The Danish Food Guide.

Jesper is STUDIO's captain on the floor, where he generously shares his expertise and his always well-planned hosting. Jesper's pleasant personality helps to create a safe and relaxed setting for the big meal, which is so important to us at STUDIO.

Jesper has had a long career in the Danish restaurant industry, where he has gained experience over time at the top restaurants The Paul, Henne Kirkeby Kro, Clou, and Grønbech & Churchill.

On the wine list, Jesper has a penchant for great, classic wines from the world's best wine regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Barolo, but he does not go out of his way to serve wines from, for example, Denmark, Japan or overlooked wine countries such as Hungary. When Jesper chooses wines for the wine list and wine menu, sustainability and craftsmanship are a very important part of the considerations. Well-made natural wines also find a place on the Studio's wine list, as long as Jesper can vouch for the taste and quality, which always takes precedence.

Merete Holst & Dorte Juhl Østergaard, Restaurateurs behind STUDIO

Merete Holst and Dorte Juhl Østergaard are owners of LOCA Restaurants, which operate the restaurant's STUDIO, Almanak and Mission Green in Copenhagen, manage the lease of restaurant Almanak in the Opera and are co-owners of Restaurant RADIO in Frederiksberg.

LOCA Restaurants is part of the LOCA Group, whose cornerstone is the creation and development of gastronomically sustainable businesses.

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