Team STUDIO looks forward to welcoming you in Carlsberg Byen!

The craftsmen have been working around the clock the last month, but now, the dust is finally settling

in Carlsberg Byen where STUDIO is ready to welcome you from Thursday 2nd of December.

The kitchen is installed, the wine cellar is filled to the brim, and head chef Christoffer Sørensen and the team are waiting impatiently in the box like racehorses before the big gallop. Our 31-year-old head chef, who received Michelin Guide's 'Young Chef Award' last year, has been without a restaurant since we left The Standard at the end of 2021. Now, Christoffer is looking forward to creating his very own culinary story in a new and permanent setting at Ottilia Jacobsen's Square in Carlsberg Byen. Here, artist Frederik Lassen Hesseldahl has

decorated the premises, adding maritime inspiration to the Nordic and Japanese minimalism found here.

Sky-high ambitions for STUDIO

“It has honestly been a long few months without a kitchen and a restaurant, and the team and I have really missed

the energy we get from creating good experiences for happy guests. We have been working hard behind the scenes to create a menu that we believe brings something new to the city, pointing directly into STUDIO's culinary DNA," says Christoffer Sørensen.

Recently, he won the trophy at the new BMW Masters cooking competition in September. Christoffer does not hide the fact that he aims to win even more Danish and international accolades and bring STUDIO into the top tier of the country's top restaurants.

"We must be able to compete with the best, and I am convinced that we have the team for that. And it's no secret that I would really like to win

the Michelin star back to STUDIO," says the head chef, who impressed both guests and reviewers when he took over as head chef at STUDIO in May 2021 to great reviews, both Michelin and White Guide awards, and two nominated dishes at the Danish Food Critics'

'Dish of the Year' competition earlier this year.

Now, Christoffer Sørensen and STUDIO are ready for the next chapter.

The team behind STUDIO

As many of you probably know, Christoffer spent nine years in Claus Henriksen's kitchen at Dragsholm

Castle before he came to STUDIO. The consideration of local ingredients, wild herbs, and fermentations

Christoffer continues to refine his very own expression at STUDIO, where the local ingredients are mixed with

inspiration and techniques from e.g. Japan. The opening menu consists of 13 servings which presents gently

caught fish and shellfish from Danish and Nordic waters, so expect great flatfish, clams,

scallops, and Danish oysters – naturally seasoned with classic luxury ingredients such as truffles and


In the kitchen, Christoffer is accompanied as usual by sous chef Steven Ackermann, and the floor is managed by

Jesper Nielsen and Jacob Lyngse. All faces that many of you will remember from Havnegade.

We are excited and expectant, and we are happy to have such a strong team together for the opening

by STUDIO. We are really looking forward to spoiling you all and showing you what we have been up to.

Frederiks Lassen Hesseldahl's mirror art in Carlsberg Byen

Headchef Christoffer Sørensen & restaurantmanager Jesper Nielsen


Best Regards




Christoffer is one of four chefs selected to compete at Denmark's largest chef competition " Sol over Gudhjem", which takes place on June 22nd.

We are looking forward to competing against our talented colleagues.